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AURA Band is the smart health tracker that measures yourdrophydration,bmwbodycomposition,activityactivity,andheartheart rate.Use the most advanced health wearable ever produced and improve your health andarrow-upworkoutswith it.
Bioimpedance analysis
Around the clock body composition tracking makes your workouts and fitness activity much more interactive, because you see exactly how your body changes.
Bioimpedance is the state-of-the-art technology behind AURA Band. It breaks down your body into four components:fatfat,musclemusclemass,mineralsminerals,anddropbodywater, and gives personalized insights to improve the results of yourarrow-upworkoutsand your lifestyle as a whole. Tracking these parameters will help to understand the real efficiency of your training or diet.
Activity & heart rate
Activity and heart rate tracking helps to understand and optimize your daily performance. AURA Band not only counts your steps but detects the type ofactivityactivityand measures yourheartheartrate. All your data is carefully stored during the day in the AURA App, where you can also check detailed analytics and see your progress.
your goals
Our bodies are about 60% water, but you can become dehydrated and not even know about it. Water gives us mineral elements and electrolytes, improves our immune system, and provides energy. It is essential in maintaining a healthy heart, brain, and muscles.
With AURA Band, you can precisely track yourpeoplebodychanges and achieve your fitness goals faster. Body composition analysis breaks down your body into four components:fatfat,musclemuscle mass,mineralsminerals,anddropbody water,and gives personalized insights to improve the results of yourarrow-upworkoutsand your lifestyle as a whole. Tracking these parameters will help to understand the real efficiency of your training or diet.
Boost your Apple Watch with the AURA Strap
You don't need to buy an additional device to measure your body composition, hydration levels, fat, muscle, lean mass, and protein.
All your data in one user-friendly app
Data is carefully and securely stored in one app. Use the AURA App on your Apple Watch to take measurements and check detailed analytics on your iPhone.
Bring your workouts to a new level
Use the Aura Strap to see how fat, muscle, body mass, minerals, and hydration change during activity, impacting health and wellness. Using the trend of your body changes, you can easily improve overall fitness performance and reduce body fat.
Use the AURA Strap anywhere and anytime
The AURA Strap is mobile and easy to use. You don’t need to be at home or at the gym to check your parameters. Measure your body fat and muscle growth anytime and get better dynamic analysis than any scales can give you.


Read what press says about us.
"Aura squeezes its fitness band into an Apple Watch 'Smart Strap'. It uses bioimpedance to give a body composition and hydration level reading."
Digital Trends
"The AURA Band focuses on real-time information about activity and your body’s state, allowing you to make actionable decisions about your health"
"The eventual dream for wearable fitness devices is to allow us to see how our body reacts to the things we do, so we can fully understand our actions and make positive changes..."
"AURA monitors your fat and muscle percentage, hydration levels, heart rate, and activity all at once so that you've always got a complete picture of your health and fitness achievements"


Here are all the most essential facts about AURA Band that you should know before the purchase.

Fat, muscle, minerals and lean mass percentage monitoring

Hydration level tracking

Steps & burned calories

Activity type detecting: walking and Running

Dust & water protection up to 1m (IP68)

Bluetooth 4.2


LED and Vibro indication for notifications

For everyone

Stainless steel contacts of unique form for hairy and dry hands Adjustable nylon straps for any wrist

Power and Battery
Up to 7 days

Rechargeable Li-Po battery

Charger with USB Type-C cable


Optical Red/IR heart rate sensor

9-axis movement tracking module

Body composition & Hydration level analysis unit

Bluetooth 4.2


Durable Stainless Steel body

Scratch-resistant PVD coating

Size: 44 ✕ 25 ✕ 5 mm

Weight: 22 g

Sport (silicon) strap



You'll find everything you need to start using AURA Band right out of the box.


How it differs from other fitness trackers?
— AURA Band is the one and only fitness tracker that measures how much fat and muscle you have and tracks your hydration levels along with heart rate and activity tracking.
How could body composition tracking help me?
— A series of day-by-day measurements provides a trend of your body composition changes. It makes your workouts more efficient because you can understand (by numbers) what exercise is definitely good or bad for you.
Does it measure hydration?
— Yes, AURA Band measures how much water you have in your body with the help of bioimpedance analysis.
Could it measure activity and heart rate?
— AURA Band continuously tracks your activity and heart rate during a day. Moreover, the device increases the frequency of heart rate measurements if you're becoming more active.
Is it waterproof?
— Yes, you can take a shower or wash hands with your AURA Band. The device meets the IP67 waterproof standard.
What are the material electrodes made?
— Electrodes on each side of the device are made of medical stainless steel (contains nickel).
How long does it work on a single charge?
— AURA Band works up to 7 days on a single charge.
Is it safe to use AURA Band with a pacemaker?
— No, we don't recommend using the device with a pacemaker.


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