Our mission change health perception

We’re the bold team of inventors developing mobile devices based on science to monitor health, wellness, and activity. We help our users to achieve their goals and change health perception.

Innovation & technology

We're pushing the boundaries to change the world of healthcare and fitness, combining smart technology with human effort.

Health from within

We believe that our health depends on a holistic approach to physical activity. Everything in our body is significant for better sports performance and quality of life.

Sport & fitness benefits

Using bioimpedance vector analysis, we track fat/muscle volume, hydration levels, heart rate, and activity to help our users achieve fitness goals faster and make workouts more efficient.

Why the right health attitude matters

Here is the issue: nowadays, we have a lot of tools and instruments that help us live a simpler and happier life, but we mostly rely on our body to detect complex health problems. We should still go to clinics and talk to doctors about our problems, but this takes time and money, sometimes enough to push us deeper into stress. Our main goal is to build an ecosystem that brings first-mile healthcare services to all our users. We help people track fitness performance and predict health issues early. Healthcare should be more data-driven, cheaper, and more reliable. As we see it, wearables will be the first mile of healthcare. They will predict possible problems, evaluate risks, and warn users, doctors, and insurers in the early stages. This collaboration can increase quality of life and reduce health-related problems.

How AURA Devices started

AURA Devices was founded in May 2016 by a team of three. Our first product is the AURA Band, a fitness-tracker that knows what you're made of with the help of bioimpedance analysis. Now we have more than 30 passionate professionals on our team. We're working hard to deliver products and services that make your life happier and healthier.