Know your body

Next generation smart band with fat, muscle volume and hydration level monitoring. Precisely tracks your fitness progress.

Aura Band Aura Band
Aura Band

Build your body

Get accurate information about the weight loss and control your hydration level with AURA Band.

Health is the new black

Be trendy with AURA Band. Compete with your friends, earn bonus scores and get your workouts for free!

Aura Band
Aura Band

Control your health

Smart band that tracks your body: fat level, muscles, water balance, temperature, pulse frequency and activity level.



  Monitor your body


Use the unique
“knock-knock” interface


Measure will take
only 5 seconds


Detailed analytics in your phone
with AURA App


Improve your diet and workouts
following tips


Monitor your progress
and control health

How it works

Bioimpedance analysis, activity tracking and heart rate monitoring

Learn about the changes in your body composition using the bioimpedance analysis method. Tap the smartband on your wrist twice. A low power electric signal will go through a closed-loop “Hand-Chest-Hand” of your body, and the device will get the information about the active and reactive resistance of the fat, bone and muscle tissues and the hydration level. The mobile App analyses the data about the size of each tissue and the hydration level in your body with account of your physical characteristics (weight, height, age and gender) and shows the result.


Metal enclosure

Durable and light medical stainless steel


Bioimpedance processor

Body composition and Hydration level monitoring


motion sensor

Activity and Sleep tracking


Heart rate sensor

Pulse and Blood oxygenation

Product item Put the smartband on your wrist
Product item Tap the device three times, then press
and hold your finger for a few seconds
Product item When the indicators light up, the
measurement mode is on
Product item The smartband will identify your body
composition within 5 seconds
Product item You will see the measurement results in
the mobile App straight away
Product item Get handy tips on healthy living based
on the obtained data


All data in one place

AURA App for iOS and Android phones collects and analyses the data about your body. We add diagrams and graphs that are easy to read. All the information is carefully saved in your personal account for further analysis. We support data exchange with Apple HealthKit и Google Fit. Keep an eye on your progress and get individual health tips with AURA Band.


Make your healthy lifestyle profitable!

If you keep a healthy lifestyle, if you are active and mobile, and your performances get better, AURA will reward you with bonuses - AURA Coins. This is your chance to get plenty of useful goods at discounts from our partners, for example, new trainers or a membership in a fitness club.


Compete with your friends

Sometimes it is boring to do sports on your own. Now you can compete with your friends using our App. Choose a friend from a social net to compete with, choose a reward and find out which of you is the fastest and the strongest. You can compete in different activities, for example, who made more steps during the day or who built up bigger muscles for a month.




USB Type-C charger included



  • Features
  • Fat, Muscle, Bone percentage monitoring
  • Hydration level tracking
  • Steps & burned Calories count
  • Activity type detecting: Walking, Jogging, Cycling
  • Dust & Water protection up to 1m (IP68)
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • In/Out
  • 6 LED lights on the sides for Notifications
  • "Knock-knock" gesture interface
  • Power and Battery
  • Up to 7 days
  • Rechargeable Li-Po battery
  • Charger with USB Type-C cable
  • Sensors
  • Optical Red/IR heart rate sensor
  • 9-axis movement tracking module
  • Body composition & Hydration level analysis unit
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Enclosure
  • Durable Stainless Steel body
  • Scratch resistant PVD coating
  • Size: 44 ✕ 25 ✕ 5 mm
  • Weight: 22 g
  • Straps Material: Leather & Sport