AURA Strap 2
Supercharge your Apple Watch to reach your fitness goals! The ultimate health tracker based on body composition measurement.
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Boost your Apple Watch
Powerful AURA App
The convenient and feature-rich App is great for managing your health data and tracking your fitness goals.
Full sync with HealthKit
AURA App is fully compatible with Apple HealthKit. All the measurement data syncs with the data hub.
Build the body of your dreams
Whatever body type is your final goal, AURA Strap 2 will guide you along the journey with precise data analytics.
Progress-tracking Biogram
First-on-the-market unique Biogram for progress tracking
The innovative four-quadrant Biogram shows your exact position on the way to your ideal body.
AURA advanced analytics & reports
Get detailed breakdowns of your body composition and track your fat, muscle, water, protein, and more.
High-quality materials
AURA Strap 2 and the replacement bands are made of only the highest quality Materials.
Personal recommendations
Based on your body composition, AURA App gives you personally tailored guidance and workout advice based on your body composition.
Exclusive workout content
Enjoy unique workout content in the AURA App and find the best workout routine for your body and training level.
AURA in Numbers
Wearable to measure hydration
500 Billion +
Calories burned
6 years
On the market
Wearable to measure hydration
500 Billion +
Calories burned
6 years
On the market
AURA App Features
Achieve your fitness goals
Choose the body you want, and AURA Strap 2 will help you build it. Get precise analytics on your fitness journey to achieve results faster.
Actionable data on Biogram
Unique Biogram in the form of radar with four quadrants show you exactly where you are on the way to your ideal body.
See your body composition
Do you know what you’re made of?
AURA Strap 2 brings body composition and water level tracking to your Apple Watch. Measure how much fat, muscles, water, and many more parameters change over the workout or diet process. Build the healthy body of your dreams with the new Strap.
Advanced analytics & reports
Dynamically track your health parameters. Know how close you are to the perfect body
8 days
You did great. Keep pushing!
Personal recommendations
Follow the advice according to your body composition data. Get complete guidance on your health and fitness journey, including calorie intake and workout frequency.
Reduce food calories by 10-15%
Reduce your intake of carbohydrates and sweets for two weeks
Try to do two or three workouts a week
Eat 5-6 small meals a day
Avoid high-intensity workouts
Increase the carbohydrate and protein content of your food
Diversify your training program by using other workouts
Everything is fine, you are moving towards your goal
What comes with Strap 2?
4 sizes in 1 package
Every AURA Strap 2 package includes 4 sets of straps of different sizes to fit any wrist size. The included sport loops are stretchable, pleasant to the touch, and comfortable for daily wear.
Only high-quality materials
Technology behind AURA Strap 2
y = 0,936 • X + 3,244r2 = 0,934FFM – fat free mass
Technology behind AURA Strap 2
AURA Strap 2 uses BIA, or bioelectrical impedance analysis, to measure your body composition. A small electric current is sent through your body, and the impedance (resistance) to the current shows information about what you’re made of.

The AURA Devices R&D team did a study to test how accurate AURA Strap 2 was compared to a DEXA (dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry) body composition scan, the industry gold standard for scientists and health professionals.

AURA Strap 2 gets 95% accuracy* compared to the industry golden standard — DEXA scan, which is fantastic for a device intended for home and outdoor use.
According to internal research
Full sync with Apple HealthKit
All the measurement data from Strap 2 syncs up and is ready to view in the Health app.
All your data in one place
All your data in one place
AURA Strap 2 Health Indicators
36%↑ 2%
32%↓ 1%
56%↓ 3%
Visceral fat
Lean mass
68%↑ 1%
AURA Watchfaces
New watchfaces are coming soon
Smart design
Everything you need to turn your Apple Watch into the ultimate fitness tracker is included:
  • AURA Strap 2 with battery and a set of loops preinstalled
  • Additional Infinite loops. 4 sizes in total
  • Pick for battery and loop replacement
  • Quick start guide
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Free shipping
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15-day returns
We accept all returns within 15 days. No questions asked.
Secured payments
Shop with confidence: all payment details are protected via SSL encryption.
1-Year warranty
We’ll repair or replace your device for any covered issue for 1 years after you receive your product.
Unique device
You won't find a device like this anywhere else on the market today.
Water resistant
Just like your Apple Watch, AURA Strap 2 is sweat resistant and safe to use in shallow water.
Reliable Bluetooth
AURA Strap 2 connects to Apple Watch via BLE 4.2 protocol. It provides a fast, reliable, and convenient connection.
No need to charge!
Strap 2 lasts up to 6 months with the included coin battery.
Heart disease risk assessment
Advanced signal analysis provides you with early heart disease risk assessment
What makes AURA Strap 2 so awesome?
Your personal coach right on your wrist
Your personal coach right on your wrist
AURA Strap 2 is like having your own personal trainer on your wrist, available anytime you need it.
It motivates and inspires you.
Discover the best way to weight loss
Discover the best way to weight loss
Use AURA Strap 2 along with a diet and exercise plan to monitor your body composition, so you will see what works best for you.
See the results of your efforts in the gym.
Find balance in your fitness
Find balance in your fitness
AURA App gives you fitness advice based on your data to gently guide you towards a fit body.
Find the smoothest and fastest path to your goal.
Stay healthy, happy, and safe
Stay healthy, happy, and safe
Body composition data from AURA not only helps you to make better lifestyle choices but also motivates you by adding a competitive edge to your diet and workout plan.
Monitor your body composition and water level
Achieve amazing muscle gains
Achieve amazing muscle gains
Precise measurements from AURA Strap 2 let you know if you're low on protein or mildly dehydrated: important factors for growing muscle.
Overcome your limits!
Manage your fitness routine
Manage your fitness routine
Plan your workouts depending on your current body composition and your target body type.
Control your progress and find what works best!
Easy to use and enjoy with friends
Easy to use and enjoy with friends
Share and compare your results and motivate each other to stay strong as you reach your goals.
Make health and fitness a social activity.

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24/7 access to workout tutorials
With the AURA App, you can get access to exclusive workout content, making your AURA Strap 2 your portable fitness headquarters.
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What does it do?
AURA Strap 2 measures your body composition and hydration level on your Apple Watch.
Does it work with my Apple Watch?
Supports Apple Watch Series 3 to Series 9, including SE and Ultra 2. It connects with 38/40/41 and 42/44/45/49 mm Watches. Choose the size to fit your Watch.
How can body composition tracking help me?
A series of day-by-day measurements shows the trends as your body composition changes. It makes your workouts more efficient, because you can understand (by the numbers) what exercises are definitely good or bad for you.
Does it measure hydration?
AURA Strap 2 measures how much water you have in your body with the help of bioimpedance analysis.
Does AURA Strap 2 fit my wrist?
Each device comes with 4 sets of Infinite loops.
The set for 38/40/41mm Apple Watches includes XS, S, M, and L loop sizes and fits 130–200mm wrists.
The set for 42/44/45/49mm Apple Watches includes M, L, XL, and XXL loop sizes and fits 140–220mm wrists.
You can pick the size and tightness according to your preferences!
Is it waterproof?
AURA Strap is water resistant. The device will not be affected by high moisture or immersion in water up to 50 cm / 20 inches. But the device may suffer from direct exposure to high-pressure water stream. We do not recommend swimming or using the device in the shower.
How are AURA Strap 2’s electrodes made?
The electrodes on each side of the device are made using medical stainless steel (contains nickel).
How long does it work on a single charge?
AURA Strap 2 works for up to 6 months using a standard, replaceable round coin battery (CR1632). Simply change spent batteries with the included pick, and it's ready to use.
Is it safe to use AURA Strap 2 with a pacemaker?
No, we don't recommend using the device with a pacemaker.
How does Strap 2 connect with Apple Watch? Is it secure?
Strap 2 uses a BLE 4.2+ interface to transfer measurement data. Data transferred between devices is encrypted. The reliability of Bluetooth reduces the number of unsuccessful measurements by 99.99% and allows users to take measurements in any environment.
Can the AURA Strap 2 detect medical conditions or illnesses?
No, the AURA Strap 2 is not designed to detect or treat any medical conditions or illnesses.
Here are some of the most essential facts to know about the AURA Strap 2 before you buy.
Here are some of the most essential facts to know about the AURA Strap 2 before you buy.
Supports Apple Watch Series 3 and above, including SE and Ultra 2. Synchronizes with the HealthKit Companion app for Apple Watch
For everyone
Uniquely designed stainless steel contacts for hairy and/or dry hands
Body composition measurement and tracking. It measures percentage of fat, muscle, protein, bones, and water in your body
Up to 6 months of hard work
Single standard, replaceable CR1632 round coin battery (included)
Water resistance
AURA Strap 2 has a waterproof enclosure, allowing it to submerse in water up to a depth of 20 inches (50 cm).
LED indicator to show current status
Stays up-to date
The firmware can be upgraded by the user as AURA continues improving the software for better accuracy and faster measurements
What’s Included
AURA Strap 2, Infinite Loops in 4 sizes, Coin Battery (CR1632), Pick for Battery and Loop replacement, Quickstart Guide
AURA Strap 2 comes in two sizes: for Apple Watch 38/40/41 and for Apple Watch 42/44/45/49
BLE 4.2+
Strap 2 vs. Strap 1 comparison
Join the AURA community
Stay happy and healthy with us!
Join the AURA community
Take a part in challenges
How does AURA Strap 2 compare to Strap 1
AURA Strap 2 is an evolution of the first generation. The scope of change encompasses a wide variety of improvements from design tweaks to technology shifts, bringing user experience to whole new level.
Faster, easier, and more accurate measurements
The second generation’s new architecture provides 20 times more data points than the first generation could collect, this improves the accuracy to the level of clinical-grade devices.

Strap 2 uses a low-energy Bluetooth connection instead of a sub-ultrasonic interface, which was used in the first generation. It reduces the number of unsuccessful measurements by 99.99% and allows users to take measurements in any environment.
Improved design
Strap 2 housing is slimmer by 20% and narrower by 5%. It’s smaller, slimmer, and feels no bigger than a buckle on a watch strap.

Added an LED indicator to show current device’s status

Easier to open: no more screws

Easier to replace the straps
AURA App 2.0 brings new features and experience to users: fitness goals, Biogram, monthly reports, personalised workout plans. Learn more about AURA App and AURA Plus features.

The new architecture makes it possible to keep the firmware up to date for a long time, bringing new features for a better experience.
Press about AURA Strap 2
Finally, a body composition gadget that won’t tell you to just lose weight.
Meet the AURA Strap 2, the easiest and best way to unlock new health features from your Apple Watch.
The sensors built right into the Aura Strap 2 add a wealth of body-tracking information that you can’t with the Apple Watch’s default Fitness app.
This Apple Watch Band Can Help You Achieve the Physique of Your Dreams. The all-new Aura Strap 2 can be the key you need for a new look at health and wellness data tracking.
Startup Aura Devices is back with another version of its smart Apple Watch strap that's designed to deliver the sort of stats on your smartwatch you'd usually get from stepping on a set of smart scales.