Why is AURA Strap 2 better than your Smart Scales?

AURA Strap 2 for Apple Watch tracks your body composition and hydration levels to achieve your fitness goals faster and more efficiently.

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AURA Strap 2 for Apple Watch transforms your favorite watch into the ultimate goal-getter! 

Lose weight mindfully using science and personalized data, and keep long-lasting results.

We’ll help you set your goal, better understand your actual body changes, be more attentive to your habits, and achieve your diet and fitness goals more quickly while respecting your body’s limits.

AURA Strap 2 vs. Smart Scales

  • It's more flexible

    The AURA App asks about your fitness activity, body, and a range of other inputs during usage. More data allows the Strap to be more accurate and provide more relevant results. Weight scales usually only provide discrete Normal and Athlete modes, and nothing more.

  • AURA App gives you analyzed & detailed feedback

    Get personalized recommendations based on your body composition data. Follow our complete guidance on your health and fitness journey, including calorie intake, meal preferences, and workout frequency.

  • Easy-to-read measurement results

    Use our user-friendly dashboards to check your measurements and see trends in your body changes.

  • See your goal progress

    Use Biogram, our exclusive in-app tool, to see your current position and progress towards your fitness or diet goal.

  • Always with you

    Monitor your body composition anywher: in the gym, at home, in office. No matter where you are now, AURA Strap 2 will be with you. Build the right body trends by giving more data to our algorithm.

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Athletes trust AURA Devices

"AURA Strap 2 is great tool to set, control and achieve your fitness goals."

Aleia Hobbs, Sprinter Olympic Champion and World Championships gold medalist

  • 95% measurement accuracy

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  • Sync with Apple HealthKit

  • Lots of body composition parameters

  • Battery life up to 6 months

  • Stretchable Infinite Loop fits any wrist

  • 4 Loop sizes in the box

  • Reliable BLE connection

  • AURA Strap 2 complies with WR-50 water resistance standard

  • Free shipping

    All orders containing a device include free shipping in the US

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  • 15-day returns

    We accept all returns within 15 days. No questions asked.

  • Secured payments

    Shop with confidence: all payment details are protected via SSL encryption.

  • 1-year warranty

    We'll repair or replace your device for any covered issue for 1 year after you receive your product.