Unveiling Feature-Packed AURA App Update

Unveiling Feature-Packed AURA App Update

A Deep Dive into What's New

‎As a hardware and software company, AURA Devices consistently strives to develop, grow, and enhance its products. We work hard every day to ensure our users' experience is as seamless as possible, making our products as useful as they can be. Today, we're introducing our latest AURA App update with awesome new features. Meet new better AURA App! 🚀

Here’s a closer look at what this update brings:

Improved Measurement Algorithm Stability

Thanks to the collaboration with our dedicated beta-testers, the measurement algorithm stability has been significantly improved. Say goodbye to uncertainties and embrace more accurate readings for a smoother user experience.

Enhanced Chart Features: A Deeper Dive into Your Data and Customization

Navigate your wellness data effortlessly with the ability to switch between absolute and relative (%) values. Take control of your parameters with the option to enable or disable recommended upper and lower limits, ensuring your wellness journey aligns with your unique goals. The introduction of a quarterly scale lets you track changes over the past 3 months, offering a comprehensive view of your progress.

Clearer Insights with Refined Summary

Experience a more refined summary below the Biogram chart, providing you with clearer insights into your wellness metrics.

‎ ‎ 

Fine-Tuning for a Smoother Experience

We believe in delivering excellence, which is why this update includes numerous tweaks and bug fixes. Your AURA App experience is now smoother than ever, ensuring you focus on what truly matters – your well-being.

Update your app now to embark on this transformative experience. Your journey to a more personalized, insightful and seamless fitness & wellness experience starts here. 

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