Can Water Boost Your Immune System?

Can Water Boost Your Immune System?

Keeping your immune system strong is a crucial way to help defend your body from flues and to support it on a daily basis

Water is an extremely underused tool when it comes to supporting your health. It helps make your skin fresh, fights headaches, and provides almost unlimited energy when you drink enough each day.

Who likes getting a cold? The answer is obvious: nobody. Getting sick from time to time is an unfortunate fact of life, no matter how much we do to avoid it. Today, the words “cold” and “flu” have become even more frightening to contemplate. We have fewer meetings and handshakes, but we're still social and can’t avoid all communication.

Most people understand that regular fluid consumption is essential for health in general, but the impact of hydration on immunity is less well known. Let's take a look at how drinking water can improve your immune system, keeping you healthy all year round.

Most of the reasons to maintain regular fluid consumption boil down to simple biology. Let's look at several human physical systems that highly depend on water:

Blood volume

 Our immune system depends on the bloodstream to transport fluids, nutrients, and essential communication signals to organs. Low hydration leads to a decrease in total blood volume and, as a result, blood pressure. That negatively impacts the performance of all biological systems, hampering your immune system.


 Water helps oxygenate our blood, which allows it to function at full capacity. Healthy cells that are full of oxygen allow our muscles and organs to work at all capacity – helping us feel our best and preserving immunity against foreign invaders like germs.

Lymphatic System

Staying hydrated is also crucial for lymph production. This colorless fluid runs throughout the human body collecting bacteria and transporting it to the lymph nodes for destruction. That makes it an important part of the circulatory and immune systems.

We understand that it's easy to talk about doing the right things, but it's not always that easy to follow through. Drinking tap water regularly can be difficult for some people. Plus, not everyone feels automatically when they should drink.

Designed specifically to address this problem, the AURA Strap allows you to monitor your hydration right from your Apple Watch. It's one of the most accurate ways to know your actual water balance so that you can maximize your consumption. Some people already use apps or smart bottles for tracking.

While we've got you, here’s a tiny hint for those who don't like the taste of still water: add a little citrus, like lemon. It changes the taste, but also gives you a boost of Vitamin C, which is the simplest possible boost that we can give our immune system.

Finally, there's no need to worry too much about general health as long as you're drinking enough fluid. For example, if you find yourself especially vulnerable to a running or congested nose, it may be a subtle sign from your body that you aren’t getting enough water each day. Try improving your routine with increased clear fluids, then see if you notice any impact on your general health – we're confident that you'll find all kinds of benefits.



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