AURA Athletes: Aleia Hobbs and Rai Benjamin

AURA Athletes: Aleia Hobbs and Rai Benjamin

AURA Devices Sponsors Oregon ‘22 World and Olympic Silver Medalist and the Fastest American Female Track and Field Athlete

Technology is transforming the sports industry. Many athletes are increasing their potential by using wearable solutions to help them train and compete. And today marks an important day for AURA Devices, as we are proud to announce that track and field athletes, Rai Benjarmin and Aleia Hobbs, who have just finished competing in the 2022 World Athletics Championships in Oregon now use the AURA Strap 2 as part of their training.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Rai and Aleia using AURA Strap 2 to help them get in shape to compete at events like the World Athletics Championship and Olympic Games, the world’s two most prestigious track and field events. We believe that the future of sports and new sports records will go hand in hand with the development of sports technology solutions.

And our company, AURA Devices, will strive to meet the needs of professional athletes with future-oriented, practical and easy-to-use wearables designed to monitor body composition and body water levels.

Rai Benjamin, the American record holder and Olympic silver medalist in the 400m hurdles and Olympic Champion in the 4x400m relay, defended his silver medal in Oregon. He comments:

“I am delighted to partner with a company like AURA Devices that helps me monitor my health in such great detail. Being able to track my workout performance and muscle and fat composition with AURA Strap 2 is paramount to increasing my performance.”

Aleia Hobbs, an American sprinter who specializes in the 100m, was the fastest American woman in the 100m final, taking sixth place at the World Championships and won gold as part of the 4x100m USA Relay Team. She comments:

“It’s a tremendous honor to partner with AURA Devices as an ambassador and I am very excited to work with them in improving my performance by tracking my workouts and analyze my body composition with AURA Strap 2.”

This is a great honor for us too. Since 2016, when we started on Kickstarter, and in 2019, when we became a CES honoree with the AURA Strap, this is our first collaboration with professional Olympic-level athletes. Even though we knew that AURA Strap has been chosen by fitness enthusiasts and people who have been into sports training for many years in various disciplines, we feel privileged to have the chance to develop our product together with the ones who break the limits of possible.

We have big plans for AURA Strap 2 updates until the end of 2022, which include both the wearable and the “brain” behind it – the AURA App for the iPhone and Apple Watch. We will be thrilled to let Aleia and Rai be the first ones to try the newest functions and get the most of them for their training.

And we are delighted that Aleia and Rai will become the faces of the #aurapeople community – the community of goal-driven individuals focused on enhancing their fitness performance and achieving personal bests – whether that be in professional sports or maintaining of a healthier physique.

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