Share Your AURA Story

Share Your AURA Story

Become the author of an inspiring story and receive an extra color loop for your AURA Strap 2

Share your best fitness recipe with our community

Reaching personal fitness goals always means resilience, stamina, and high morale. We believe that #aurapeople possess such qualities, and are capable of inspiring beginners on their fitness journey for self-overcoming. And right now we'd like you to share that inspiration.

Tell us how you lost those 10 pounds or prepared yourself for your first half-marathon. Tell us how you made it. And explain how AURA Strap 2 helped you to stay on track and monitor your progress. We will feature the most inspiring stories in our blog and Discord community, and the authors will get an extra infinite loop of any color for their AURA Strap 2.

Get on board, share your story and inspire the community with hacks that worked for you, and maybe they’ll become life-changing for somebody else. Inspiring experiences and useful insights are just meant to be shared. Let's make your story the story of the #aurapeople community!

Our athletes also decided to share their experiences: 


"Training year round as a professional track and field athlete involves a lot more than just exercise. I need to keep my body and mind healthy while staying motivated! It is important for me to keep track of my body composition like muscles and fat, and water levels just as much as my heart rate. The AURA Strap 2 has been a huge help with tracking this important data that most trackers and apps do. It helps me to adjust my training levels appropriately and pushes me past my limits to achieve the best performance results!" - Aleia Hobbs


"As an Olympic athlete, I am always trying to push past my peak performance. I am always on-the-go while competing and the AURA Strap 2 allows me to keep track of my body composition and hydration levels no matter where I am. It is an essential part of my daily routine! I am able to track even more data and set goals in the most efficient way." - Rai Benjamin

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