AURA Strap 2 Weight Loss Research Results - Pt. 2

AURA Strap 2 Weight Loss Research Results - Pt. 2

Unveiling the Impact of AURA Strap 2 on our User's Weight Loss Journey

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In the second phase of our research, we dive deeper into the Collin's journey with AURA Strap 2, aiming to uncover even more effectiveness of AURA Strap 2 as a weight-loss partner. As we approach the 6-month mark and analyze the data, we understand that the results indicate significant progress.

Your Ultimate Companion on the Path to Your Ideal Self

Weight loss is a common set of activities. We all know that it's essential to eat well, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and stay hydrated. But we find the key to your success: closely monitoring every aspect of your plan. That's where the AURA Strap 2 comes in. Think of it as your helpful sidekick, keeping track of your progress and helping you see how far you've come.

Let's check the results that was reached over 6 months of using AURA Strap 2, combined with a healthy diet and workouts two times a week.

AURA Strap 2 vs. DEXA Data

Just a reminder about Collin, a 40-year-old man with a height of 5.83 ft (1.78 m) and an initial weight of 189 lbs (85.8 kg) at the beginning of our research. Throughout the study, he monitored his body composition daily with AURA Strap 2 to track the dynamics of his body changes. We were focused on differentiating between true fat loss and muscle loss while also losing weight simultaneously.

As you know DEXA scan is a gold standard in body composition analysis that's why we decided to use it after six months passed to verify the accuracy of AURA Strap 2 data and to see the changes in Collin's body. Recall that Collin’s initial body fat percentage was 24.6% based on the DEXA scan and 25.9% according to AURA Strap 2.

Summary of 6-Month Results

After 6 months of proper nutrition, workouts twice a week, and closely monitoring body changes with AURA Strap 2, along with necessary program adjustments, we have results outlined below.

Collin's body fat percentage, as per the DEXA Scan, is 15.7%, while AURA Strap 2 indicates 17.1%. Collin's overall weight is 167.3 lbs (75.9 kg) now. This data reveals a total weight loss of 21.8 lbs (9.9 kg). These results are incredible for us!

‎After analyzing the six months of data, we can confidently declare that the most productive period for Collin was the first 13 weeks, during which he lost 15.6 lbs (7.1 kg). His progress gradually slowed down from week #14 until the final week of the experiment.

While reviewing his AURA Strap 2 measurements in weeks #15 and #16, we realized the necessity to adjust Collin's nutrition and workout plan. It became evident that his current regimen was no longer sufficient, leading to a plateau. Following the correction, we observed a dramatic fat loss in week #17. However, starting from week #18, the data normalized, showcasing gradual but steady fat loss until week #21. In week #21, there was a noticeable increase, connected to Collin's summer vacation. Beyond week #21, his fat percentage continued to decrease. Check it in the chart below. 

Discoveries Unveiled in Our Research:

  • AURA Strap 2 effectively illustrates the dynamic changes in your body parameters. It’s important to focus on comparing your weekly averages instead of daily measurements for a more accurate understanding of real changes.
  • AURA Strap 2 helps quickly identify the need for adjustments in your diet or workout routine, ensuring fat loss without compromising muscle and, of course, avoiding fat gain.
  • AURA Strap 2 can reveal when your progress starts slowing down, and hitting a plateau is a normal part of the journey. Don't give up; instead, consider adjusting your program more dramatically to continue losing fat and weight.
  • AURA Strap 2 will indicate muscle gain, which could contribute to a slowdown in weight loss. However, it's essential to remember that muscle is heavier than fat. A toned body, despite weighing more, often looks better than a skinny fat physique.
  • AURA Strap 2 can show you degradation of your results during vacation. You shouldn’t give up your normal life, you can have vacation or any other favorite activities, but don’t forget to return to your proper nutrition and workouts. Doing so ensures your progress will continue.

We were thrilled to conduct this research as it revealed how AURA Strap 2 works with a real person, demonstrating the benefits our device can provide on your journey to becoming your best self!

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